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Grandma's World

Kiara and Nova and Aura

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Kim Williams
21 July 1961
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I would like to thank Nixxie's Iconorama and proverb for the pictures. I would also like to give many thanks to proverb for working with me so much to get the mood theme right. Yea I finally got it right. Thanks proverb.

Also would like to thank emoers_elf, snx, eomir, airika, wkncntradiction, kensen, Kiara, millicon, burning_ice, ohfaramir, tropicalpara18, nutmeg610, mata090680, acidroses, blackwatchplaid, wonton_graphics, knightbusdriver, bloodypirates, wintermoon, ressie_noldo, falling_silver, psylocke86, insanity_iconsfor, kiwi28, elvenesse_icons, sunny1984, skapende, fuzzy_psycho, Proverbial, wizards_pupil, idril_lalaith, makesomelove, wintermoon, petalsoflilac, teresabloom, wake_up_naked, kkttf_dcu, angel_elf_icons, faery_fall, 10000_pixels, queen_lothiriel, unendingreverie, dernhelm_rider, luvboromir24601, masked_grafics, raptoe, masked_grafics, xonlyashesx, firithel_icons, angel_elf_icons, phoenixdragon06, gforgina lotricons, washed_away_art, fifmeister, sairalinde(also for the nice banner below the second),tiggingwithdom, noctuidae, queen_lothiriel, xeyra, ladyithildiel,never_frugal, anolinde, liars_dance, azdiva, blurty & BB, Kiara, vardataurwen, clocks, curious_wolf, never_frugal, rawien_8706, khalls_stuff, www.dobv.com, pokecharm, hushed_art, tinurix, nefithilwen, fraoch_icons elanordh, fanabana, lelandlancaster, tinurix, pax89, wizzicons, merry_holdwine, renestarko, lostintheflood5, carynscorner, mukkianglia, mafaldita_coura, lady_boromir, madzilla, galor5 for the icons.

My name is Kim Williams and I am a 43 year old single mother of three boys. The ages are 23,21.20. I am attending Murray State and I am double major in criminal justice and sociology. I am wanting to use my drgree being an victim advocate. My passion is with abuse women and children. I am a Lord of the Rings fan

♥ My OTP is love ♥
Colorbar by sairalinde

This was found on many of my flist. What is Love?

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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